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Become a Community Team Member

Join and  become a community team member. You can make a impact  on students and citizens in the State of Virginia. As a community team member, you will receive updates on program and student progress and an outlook on the direction that the program will take in the future. Your donation counts for our 501c3 organization.

  • Help purchase a nail claw / $8.00
  • Help purchase a carpenter’s pencil and a speed square/ $10.00
  • Help purchase a student a hammer and tape measure/$ 15.00
  • Invest in student training classes/ $25.00
  • Help  purchase a student’s tool-belt/ $50.00
  • Foot wear is very important- work boots/ $75.00
  • Invest in student workbooks (2) / $80.00
  • Construction Safety and Health-OSHA – 10  Certification Test/ $ 150.00
  • General Industry Safety and Health  OSHA – 10 Certification Test/ $150.00
  • Purchase a PICNIC TABLE – Donate to program development/ $ 400.00

More Ways to Give

Partner Programs

Our Partnership Philosophy  is to continually build relationships that promote economic development in the construction, contractor and carpentry workforce and industry.  With care and confidence, we stay connected with partners across the State of  Virginia to ensure or programs align with their business objectives.

Examples of support provided by partners include: 

  • Training classes
  • Student employment
  • Pricing (Standard or volume discounts)
  • Complimentary or co- funded marketing

Sponsor a Fundraising Event

Your company can hold a fundraising event or sponsor an existing event. Invite your clients, customers, family, friends and colleagues to hear inspiring student stories or become involved with a great cause. 

Fundraisers and sponsorships can include:

  • Award ceremonies
  • Dinners
  • Luncheons
  • Meet and greet
  • Speaking engagement
  • Walk-a-thon

Give a Non-Monetary Gift

5C’s Development Program is a 501c3 non-profit. Yes, large monetary donations to our relief fund can help to provide so much, but your expertise and knowledge counts. Give today to help us grow.

Your company can support us by: 

  • Providing access industry and stakeholder forecast and information that benefit student growth and curriculum.
  • Advising, mentorship and providing guidance to limit risks and strengthen small business and organization operations. 
  • Connecting 5C’s with industry leaders in your network who can help up stay abreast of industry updates and best practices. 


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