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about 5c’s

5C’s Vision 

5C’s vision is to create a great workforce for all people that will provide better vocational employment opportunities within Metro Richmond, Virginia.

5C’s Mission 

5C’s mission is to provide quality vocational education and training programs to end the cycle of unemployment and poverty to the Metro Richmond, Virginia area.  The 5C’s Development Program will offer a career path consisting of on-the-job training and related school-based instruction allowing students to develop building trade skills and contribute to Metro Richmond’s workforce.

We Create Opportunities


5C’s Development Program is a minority owned non-profit organization located in Richmond, Virginia. The school was established to offer vocational training programs to students in the Metro Richmond area. We offer training courses to individuals who have a strong desire to follow a path within the building trade industry.


The idea for the 5C’s Development Program was born in February 2010 when the parents of the 5C’s Founder, John Brown III (Mr. Brown), Shirley and John Brown, Sr. wanted to give back to the community in memory Mr. Brown’s son, Jomond Alonzo Lightfoot (Jomond).  Jomond was murdered on April 20, 2009, at the young age of 24.  Jomond’s tragic death inspired the Brown family to help others and support the community by offering vocational training to at-risk youth and adults who have a strong desire to change their lives. 

Meet Our Team 

The Foundation of 5C’S

5C'S Organizational Chart

Office Location

Physical Address:

Campus of United Nations Church International

1731 Walls Street
Richmond, VA 23224

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5C's Development Program
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North Chesterfield, VA 23236

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